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ISBN 9783843903257

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978-3-8439-0325-7, Reihe Elektronik

Oliver Schmitz
Konzepte zur senderseitigen Schaltungsintegration eines MB-OFDM konformen UWB Funksystems in hochintegrierten CMOS Technologien

232 Seiten, Dissertation Universität Hannover (2011), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

Ultra-Wideband technology as potential access to short-range high-speed communication experiences increasing significance. By exploiting the huge available frequency range within a multi-carrier transmission scheme with low power spectral density, parallel operation with already well-established radio services is enabled and data rates up to 480 MBit/s are possible. The consumer electronic market imposes a severe cost pressure on potential products targeted on this application, so that the implementation of underlying transceiver hardware in highly scaled CMOS technologies seems inevitable.

The present work picks up these market requirements and studies different approaches for the integration of fundamental transmitter building blocks of a MB-OFDM compliant Ultra-Wideband front-end in 45 nm and 65 nm CMOS technologies. The concepts developed herein will be presented within the scope of single building block designs, like up-conversion mixer and power amplifier and a complete transmitter design. Generally, two different approaches are investigated. This is on the one hand to concurrently cover the entire spe-cified frequency range by means of a truly broadband and on the other hand by means of a reconfigurable characteristic of the individual circuit performance parameters. Moreover, typical constraints of a system-on-chip solution, like preferably small die areas, reduced bill-of-materials and the fact of steadily dropping supply voltages are addressed.

All circuit designs presented in this work are finally realized and verified by measurement. A comparison of results hereby obtained to state of the art examples of the present technical literature completes the examination of the individual concepts.