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ISBN 9783843924306

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978-3-8439-2430-6, Reihe Thermodynamik

Woradej Manosroi
Single Droplet Evaporation Characteristics and Behaviors at Higher Ambient Temperatures

159 Seiten, Dissertation Universität Stuttgart (2015), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

The experimental setup for free falling single droplets was established. Two liquid hydrocarbons with a difference of 3 carbon atoms were used to prepare the single droplets, including pentadecane (C-15) and dodecane (C-12). Both single component and binary mixtures of the single droplets were prepared. The volume ratios of the binary mixture of pentadecane to dodecane were 3:1, 1:1 and 1:3. The surrounding air was heated by a heater in which the temperatures were varied from 100, 120, 150 and 180°C for the single component droplets and fixed at 100°C for the binary mixture droplets. The droplet diameter was measured by the Mie Scattering Imaging technique at the forward scattering region, while the Morphology Dependent Resonances (MDRs) from the refractive index were clearly visible and measured by the Rainbow Refractometry Technique at the backward scattering region. The MDRs were used to calculate the time dependent change of the droplet diameters. The droplet refractive index was also measured by the Rainbow Refractometry and determined by the Nussenzveig theory at the backward scattering region. It was then used to determine the droplet temperatures of the single component and the volume fractions of the binary mixtures.

The results from this work can be applied for a better understanding of the evaporation of the fuel droplets in the combustion chamber of engines.