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ISBN 9783843926300

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Muhammad Ajmal
Analysis of Process Intensification in Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions Using Ultrasound

134 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (2016), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

Enzymes are being actively investigated for their application in chemical industry. The key advantages associated with enzymes include their high specificity and ability of functioning at milder operating conditions. They also contribute to sustainable development as due to protein nature they are biodegradable and are isolated from microorganisms which are fermented using primarily renewable resources.

In context of present study, intensification of enzyme catalyzed reactions using US is investigated from process engineering viewpoint. Before starting the work a comprehensive literature survey was carried out. Based on literature results a research methodology was developed to study the phenomenon in a detailed and systematic manner. According to developed methodology the work is divided into two parts. In part 1 emphasis is on fundamental understanding of the phenomenon. In part 2 a reactor concept for industrial scale application of the phenomenon is developed and tested. For fundamental understanding effect of non-cavitating and cavitating ultrasound on functioning of free as well as immobilized enzymes is studied. Effect of relevant operating parameters is investigated in a systematic manner. This systematic approach has helped to understand the underlying mechanisms of the phenomenon. For the first time conditions necessary to achieve intensification effect of ultrasound are identified. Post sonication stability of enzymes was also tested to determine the reusability of enzymes.

In part 2 of the study a reactor concept for large scale application of intensification effect from ultrasound was also developed and tested. Approaches for energy efficiently operation of the ultrasonic reactor are also tested. Processes based on the selected enzymes are well established in the industry. Therefore from the gained knowledge not only the new processes but the existing processes can also benefit.