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ISBN 9783843929578

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978-3-8439-2957-8, Reihe Informatik

Kristof Gregor Unterweger
High-Performance Coupling of Dynamically Adaptive Grids and Hyperbolic Equation Systems

262 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität München (2016), Hardcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

The complexity of simulation software for the solution of hyperbolic PDEs is growing due to the need for adaptivity and an increasing level of parallelization. The work done in this thesis facilitates the reuse of solver components for regular grids in combination with parallel, adaptive grids. To this end, a general local time-stepping scheme suitable for use with arbitrary solvers is developed. An analysis of the resulting software systems' efficiency and accuracy ensures that the properties of the original components are preserved.