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ISBN 9783843937139

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Ann-Kathrin Bavendiek
Adaptation of engineering design methods for multidisciplinary development processes considering heterogeneous teams

304 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität Braunschweig (2018), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

Due to the increasing globalisation as well as digitalisation of the working environment and the enhanced complexity of today’s products, engineering design teams are no longer working together locally but increasingly across sites, disciplines and country borders. Especially in these circumstances, a systematic approach, as well as the use of engineering design methods, can support the teams in their collaboration. Current method provision approaches, e.g. method descriptions in a book, typically address local collaborative teams and contain little to no evidence of appropriate team composition or required characteristics of the team (e.g. multidisciplinarity or local distribution of the team) for a successful method application. Therefore, the aim of this thesis is the development of a team-oriented method provision concept, which regards the consideration of method user characteristics in method descriptions and access. For this purpose, existing method provision approaches with regard to describing and accessing attributes are analysed. Particular attention is paid to team- and user-oriented attributes. Enriched with the results of a study in six enterprises regarding their needs, requirements for a team-oriented method provision are derived. In addition, a sensitivity analysis is carried out, which shows the relevance of method user characteristics in relation to the application of selected methods. The results are gathered in an impact model. Together with the requirements on method provision, a concept for team-oriented method provision is developed. It consists of an assessment tool for method user characteristics, a method description model, and a corresponding method access algorithm. Parallel to the provision, existing training concepts for methods in education and practice are examined. Success factors and barriers are deduced from these concepts, subsequently. Based on these, suitable training concepts are designed for the two target groups education and practice. The training concepts include the team-oriented method provision concept in the form of a software demonstrator. These training concepts and the team-oriented method provision tool are tested and evaluated both in education and practice. The results show a positive acceptance of the tool by both students and engineers in practice.