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ISBN 9783843943581

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Philipp Paul Wittenbrink
Entwicklung eines Prozessmodells zur Produktivitätsoptimierung des maschinellen Tunnelvortriebs unter Anwendung von Lean Methoden

273 Seiten, Dissertation Universität der Bundeswehr München (2019), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

Due to their unique character pipe jacking projects are associated with high uncertainties and are characterized by various exogenous and endogenous influences, like the geology and the general site conditions. The capacity of a pipe jacking project is considerably dependent on the capacity of individual processes, in particular on the capacity of the soil excavation process. In order to ensure efficient work and thus the optimization of the productivity of the overall project, it is very important to reduce the number of the many time- and resource-intensive downtimes. Among the main causes of these downtimes are poor planning, waste of time and resources, the missing of helpful tools and the behavior in unplanned situations. In order to establish a productivity optimization, the known occurring processes were structured and various tools from the lean area were implemented. These methods and principles are focused on continuously improving the productivity by reducing waste within the processes. Unplanned disturbance processes are rarely considered, although they have great potential for increasing the productivity. For this reason, the process model developed in this thesis is detecting processes, particularly during stand-stills, which can be executed parallel to the standstill-causing process, under the consideration of the current conditions of the project like the duration. The aim of this is that once the disruptive process is resolved, the scheduled value-generating processes can continue as long as possible without any further disturbances.