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ISBN 9783843946858

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978-3-8439-4685-8, Reihe Informatik

Daning Wang
Managed Evolution of Long-Living Cyber-Physical Systems

170 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität Clausthal (2020), Softcover, A4

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

Due to the rapid development of information and communication technology, a new communication network, which combines the "real world" and "virtual world" together and recognizes the whole combination as one closely interacting system, has emerged. This network is the cyber-physical system (CPS). The CPS with long lifetime or lifecycle is defined as long-living cyber-physical system (LL-CPS). In many areas, especially in smart factories, digital manufacturing and smart logistics, the LL-CPS plays a very important role and should be always operated to meet continuous and fast-changing requirements, for example, the proliferation of business models, the rapid development of technology, the fast-changing market and customer requirements etc. Based on formal descriptions of LL-CPSs, this thesis provides an approach to guarantee the consistency between system evolution requirements and system implementation during the managed evolution of LL-CPSs. Furthermore, this approach is also used to optimize expenditures of system implementation.