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ISBN 9783843950961

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Tarık Şahin
Continuous Upgrading of Complex Products by Value-oriented Strategic Release Planning

227 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität Braunschweig (2022), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

The industry is undergoing a paradigm shift characterized by rapid changes in technologies, novel business models as well as increasing dynamics in competition. Triggered by these changes, customers are increasingly demanding improved products with additional performances, functionalities, and properties. Consequently, today’s products are undergoing short innovation cycles, resulting in accelerated product obsolescence, hindering their long term market success. The key for sustaining product value are evolving products according to dynamic changes. In this regard, the flexibility of modern software-intensive products and the potentials of software-based upgrades provide powerful ways to upgrade products during their development or even usage. Today’s companies are therefore forced to upgrade products more frequently and extensively on different levels while managing higher dynamics and product complexities.

Against this background, the objective of this work is the development of a methodology to support continuous upgrading of modern complex products. For this, an initial understanding about the influences and challenges for upgrading complex products is elaborated, followed by an evaluation of current approaches in software development and mechanical engineering. Ultimately, a Methodology for Value-oriented Strategic Release Planning of Complex Products is developed and evaluated using the example of a robotic vacuum cleaner. The resulting methodology supports the planning of multiple consecutive releases for the continuous upgrading of complex products in dynamic markets. Specifically, the product specific selection of release types and strategies, the scheduling of releases as well as the selection and assignment of value-adding features to releases is supported. Simultaneously, a consistent integration of stakeholders and timing aspects as well as the synchronized consideration of software, mechanics and electronics is provided for Strategic Release Planning.