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ISBN 9783843952118

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David Schneider
Methodik zur Entwicklung und Initiierung von Digitalisierungsstrategien im Mittelstand

433 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität Braunschweig (2022), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

The fourth industrial revolution essentially describes a networking of people, objects and machines across value chains, leading to the formation of value creation networks. In view of the current techno-economic and social changes, the industry expects major challenges such as the shortening of product development cycles and increasing individualisation with rising quantities. Despite the solution potential of digitalisation, a strong reluctance to realise digitalisation strategies can be observed. This is due to various strategic and operational hurdles such as insufficient assessability of the effects of a digitisation measure.

This dissertation and its underlying research work is dedicated to the development of a practicable and scientifically sound methodology for promoting digitisation in SMEs. The objective is to support SMEs in overcoming the hurdles of the implementation of I4.0 technologies. Product development is a key focus of the dissertation, as it receives little attention in the field of digitalisation. In order to achieve the highlighted objective, a thematic introduction is followed by basic knowledge about Industry 4.0. This is followed by an analysis and description of the current state of research in the field. After a conceptual presentation of the solution approach of this dissertation, its development and elaboration is described in detail. This is followed by a test of the function and added value of the elaborated methodology for the development and initiation of digitisation strategies. The entire work is then summarised in retrospect and considered with a view to related research activities. The dissertation ends with a conclusion.