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ISBN 9783868538137

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978-3-86853-813-7, Reihe Pharmazeutische Chemie

Fabiana Cristina Geller
Isolation, Structure Elucidation and Biological Investigation of Active Compounds in Cordia americana and Brugmansia suaveolens

273 Seiten, Dissertation Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen (2010), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

In Brazil, medicinal plants have been widely used for the treatment of diseases in folk medicine. However, the effective compounds responsible for the biological effects are often unknown. In this research, extracts prepared from traditional medicinal plants from South Brazil were screened for their anti-inflammatory and wound healing activities. The Boraginaceae Cordia americana, locally known as “Guajuvira”, and the Solanaceae Brugmansia suaveolens, generically recognized as “Trombeteira”, presented interesting activity in the biological screening. Thus, the objective of this dissertation was the investigation of the ethanolic extracts prepared from the leaves of both plants and the characterization of potential effective compounds.