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ISBN 978-3-8439-1276-1

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978-3-8439-1276-1, Reihe Physik

Klaus Jöns
Optical and quantum optical properties of site-controlled and strain-tuned quantum dots

269 Seiten, Dissertation Universität Stuttgart (2013), Hardcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

A substantial part of research in the field of quantum photonics is dedicated to realizing a fully integrated quantum circuit, enabling scalable quantum computation. Based on the linear optics quantum computation scheme, this implies the integration of single-photon sources, linear optics, and single-photon detectors on one single chip.

In this thesis, we address the issue of single-photon sources suitable for photonic circuit integration. We present the optical and quantum optical properties of site-controlled semiconductor quantum dots and explore the applicability of uniaxial external stress as a tuning technique.