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ISBN 9783843901710

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978-3-8439-0171-0, Reihe Rechtswissenschaften

Karel Schelle, Jaromír Tauchen [Hrsg.]
A Brief Introduction to Czech Civil Law

104 Seiten, (2011), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

The Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union and the Czech national legal system distinctly belongs to the Continental family, AKA the Civil law family, marked by the Roman tradition and by a focus on codes. Obviously, the cornerstone of Czech Private Law is the Civil law embodied in the Czech Civil Code, serving in addition as a default (subsidiary) basis for other private law domains, and a set of statutes. Therefore, for those planning on or already being involved in civil matters, or wanting to extend their knowledge about the development, structure and principal features of the Civil law in one of the central European states “A Brief Introduction to the Czech Civil Law” in English will prove invaluable. Commencing with a concise background of the history and basis of the Czech Civil Law (1. Development of Civil Law), the authors move on to cover the General part of the Czech Civil law (2. General part of the Czech Civil Law) and to present the critical domains and points of focus of the Czech Civil Law mainly regulated by the Czech Civil Code, such as the general and special liability for damage (3. Liability for damage), ownership and property (4. Material rights) and contracts (5. Obligations). Thereafter, a review of principles and rules about inheritance and estates is peerlessly provided (6. Law of succession). Intellectual property plays a significant role in the 21st century global society and thusly that part of intellectual property which is typically categorized as rather appertaining to the Civil law than the Commercial law terminates this publication (7. Copyright). Each of the contributing authors has both an extensive academic background and a wide experience in the practice of law which contributes to a well balanced blend of a theoretical and practical approach demonstrated across this invaluable publication.