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ISBN 9783843910804

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Michael Fritz
Hardware- und Software-Kompatibilitätstests für den Bordrechner eines Kleinsatelliten

143 Seiten, Dissertation Universität Stuttgart (2013), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

In cooperation with industrial partners, the University of Stuttgart presented a concept for a modern satellite on-board computer in 2010. This on-board computer is based on a state-of-the-art processor and applies latest interface standards. The Institute of Space Systems is currently developing the small satellite Flying Laptop, which is the first platform for the deployment of this on-board computer.

Spacecraft on-board computers have to work correctly in operation. The applied on-board software must not have any kind of systematic errors. Hardware or software errors can cause system failure disabling the complete satellite. In order to reduce these risks, a lot of on-board computer tests are necessary before launching the satellite. In the frame of this dissertation, a test bench has been developed enabling many of the required tests for the Flying Laptop on-board computer. The application of this test bench has accelerated the development of on-board software and allowed its functional verification. The parts of the on-board computer have been developed by various companies. The application of this test bench has proved that these parts are compatible with each other. It has been demonstrated that the interfaces between on-board computer and connected components work properly. In addition, the interface between on-board computer and mission control system has been successfully tested. Finally, the complete command chain from the mission control system via the on-board computer through to exemplary on-board equipment has been verified.

The present dissertation further describes the design and development for the im-plementation of such a test bench. Emerging problems are explained and developed solutions depicted. Configurations which have been made possible applying this setup are described. The particular purpose of each configuration is illustrated with application examples. Performed tests and obtained results are shown and evaluated. Configurations for the next steps of development have been planned and are described. Finally, the future usage of the setup for the development of the small satellite Flying Laptop is discussed.