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ISBN 9783843911238

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978-3-8439-1123-8, Reihe Lebensmittelchemie

Barbara Süß
Taste Molecules and Taste Modulators Generated by Targeted Natural Product Transformation

203 Seiten, Dissertation Technische Universität München (2013), Softcover, A5

Zusammenfassung / Abstract

To generate food-related taste modulators and tastants from natural starting material in kitchen-type model systems, three different types of model systems were targeted. First, taste modulating amides were generated by aminolysis of naturally occurring lactones using food related solvents such as ethanol, medium chained triglycerides and sunflower oil. The extensive evaluation of structure-activity relationships allowed the identification of nine umami and one salt taste enhancers. Second, the linkage of sulphur containing substituents via an aldehyde-derived methylene function to the exocyclic amino group of the nucleotide guanosine 5’-monosphoasphate led to the identification of versatile umami taste enhancers. Finally, a broad sensory screening concerning the taste modulating and taste properties of a series of monoterpene-cysteine conjugates allowed the identification of two previously unknown sweet and one umami taste modulators.